iCPooch, a device to make your lonely pet happier.

The innovative app iCPooch combines video chat with a treat dispenser which could be remotely activated for pets which are alone at home.

iCPooch comes with tiny plastic dishes where you can stack the treats within a sleeve of the device. You can video chat with your pet. The device works both ways, it lets the dog see humans and hear their voices, and it lets the owner look in on their dog while they are far away. Military personnel, college students and any pet owner who lives away from their animals are grateful for this device.

iCPooch has an own internal computer and wifi, this is how it can provide treats over the internet. It requires AC power, a wifi router, and a tablet or smartphone for your animal. You can gear it to your home wifi easily, you do not need to reconfigure it.

Once you have the device, you can download the free iCPooch application from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. It is compatible for Android 4.1 and later, Apple 7.0 and later, and Kindle tables.

You can control the iCPooch device from your smartphone or tablet, even if you are far away. The iCPooch device is independent from your dog’s or cat’s tablet or smartphone, however, the application controls both.

Even if you do not have an extra tablet for the pet, you can still offer kibbles of treat while you are away. You can video chat with the pet. Place your smartphone or tablet on the iCPooch unit. Use the mounting brackets. You can put it anywhere in your home, within the radius of the wireless router.

One app is able to work on several devices at the same time.



For more information please visit: www.icpooch.com





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