One stop shop for ideation process (Idea to ‘go to market’)

ALTYOR: subcontracting & ODM/OEM solutions for start-ups, SME and majors. Fully integrated solution from design, to production, to distribution.

ALTYOR has a deep understanding of market and technological trends and always imposes itself a high pressure on market intelligence and technical intelligence as well as business environement trends. Employing young talents aware of latest technologies, staying tunes with the market to be able to support customers in design thinking approach.

It offers:


In cooperation with REVAME company, a long-term business partner of ALTYOR, we created INNOV-TEAM company, incorporated in Miami, to be a platform for European companies to access famous crowd funding websites like KICK STARTER and INDIEGOGO with a complete range of associated services, including marketing and logistic solutions.


FANVOICE is the first French crowd sourcing platform. It has been initiated by a consortium of French SME and Institut Mines Telecom Paris, and supported by the French gouvernement under the Big Data development plan. TILOLI is the company testing the platform proposing projects to develop with the crowd.


We believe in Innovation and Creation

We believe in fab labs. But more over, we believe than within few years time, our way of manufacture will change dramatically and that 3D printing technologies, we will be able to launch new products within a very short amount of time, with limited investments and in small quantities in order to test the market before going to mass production.

Design Thinking, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Electronic and software

30 talents in our 2 R&D centers are designing your hardware with a high consideration of :
– product usage and design thinking
– current trends of industrial design
– production efficiency and design to cost for mechanical design
– newest and most reliable technologies for electronic design


in Europe and in China.

A wide spread suppliers network and our assembly facilities to manufacture your product in Europe, 10.000 square metters facility in Shanghaï with in-house plastic injection, SMT lines and assembly lines. We will find the best solution to your project.


of IoT & IT accessories in 30 countries around Europe

Since 2003, TILOLI is the distribution company of ALTYOR Group. Specialized in 4 market segments: bags and cases for computers and tablets, accessories for smartphones and tablets, audio, IoT and connected objects, TILOLI is selling in 30 countries around Europeand is well know as a high added-value distributor.


WellmannDesign is a dynamic and diverse product development consultancy that can assist you in various aspects of your product life cycle. We operate locally and internationally. Our company’s mission is to deliver high end quality to make your product idea a reality. Our flexible structure means we can deliver quality work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines.


WellmannDesign was founded in September 2008 from the passion and love for design and the need to deliver precision and excellence. With years of experience in fields ranging from industrial design and injection moulding to set design and carpentry we cater for various manufacturing processes and tailor each solution to fit our customers’ needs.

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