iKuddle – Smart litter box


iKuddle automatically separates the waste from the clean litter. 30 minutes after your cat exits the box, the self-cleaning feature activates, scooping the clumps into the waste bag. You can initiate the cleaning cycle anytime by pressing a button on the litter box or from the iKuddle app. The default time for the self-cleaning can also be adjusted


iKuddle has a built-in deodorizing system to reduce unpleasant odors. The carbon-filter works for 5 minutes after your cat leaves the box, eliminating 80% to 90% of the odors in the litter box. The deodorizing system can also be activated anytime using the iKuddle app or by pressing a button on the litter box.


Changes in eating and bathroom habits are usually the first signs of a health condition, keep track of your cat’s bathroom habits and monitor any changes using the iKuddle app. The app also provides insight into your cat’s health, allowing you to view feeding schedules and much more.

url : https://ikuddle.com/