‘Oceas’ Incredibly Compact Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Oceas Mylar Emergency Blanket that is a portable Pocket Blanket which provides a dry, clean space anywhere outdoors.

Emergency Blankets are designed to keep you warm in almost any situation – camping, hiking, backpacking, trail running, and marathons.

Completely waterproof, practically puncture-proof & conveniently pocket-sized, the pocket blanket is built to take on the elements.

Built to keep your body warm in extreme climates, mylar was designed by NASA for space & we’ve brought it down to Earth.

Packaged in a waterproof Polyester Bag, each set is then snugly fit into a durable and totally reusable EVA Case.

Avoiding hypothermia -We know that covering every part of your body is crucial when Mother Nature is at her worst, so we made our mylar blankets 20% larger than industry average to ensure full-body protection.

Prepare for the Unexpected, especially in nature. Emergency blanket set fits snugly into a glove compartment is a necessity for your car’s emergency kit.

These compact blankets are perfect to have on hand in case of emergency. Coming in at only 2 oz each, our Emergency Blankets are designed to be taken anywhere, especially when packing is limited. A Backpacker’s dream gear.

Each Mylar Blanket is packed into its own carry pouch, and each set comes in a waterproof and highly durable EVA case (the same you’d see protecting your expensive electronics). Emergency blankets are incredibly compact – weighing less than 2oz – while still being about 20% larger than the industry average.


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