Life-Saving Infant Incubator That Requires No Electricity

A new portable and reusable infant incubator that requires no electricity and minimal costs was invented by Jane Chen and Rajan Patel.

These two innovators came up with an innovative infant warmer which is simple, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

Every year 20 million babies are born premature with low birth weight and they struggle to survive because they cannot regulate their body temperature and they don’t have enough fat on their tiny bodies to keep warm.

The solution is to keep these premature babies warm in an incubator at the hospital but this is an expensive option in developing countries and also in rural areas.

Therefore, some parents resort to drastic solutions to keep their babies warm baby like attaching hot water bottles or placing the baby under light bulbs which is not only ineffective but highly unsafe. As a result, 4 million premature babies die each year.

Even the babies that survive endure severe long term health problems like diabetes, heart diseases or mental dysfunction because they are battling hypothermia (condition of having an abnormally low body temperature) instead of growing.

This novel incubator is safe and intuitive to use as it has no moving parts and can be easily sterilized. It is cleverly designed to look like a sleeping bag.

It has a pouch that contains a “phase-change wax material” that radiates heat throughout the insulation at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98 F) – the temperature needed for the child’s survival.

The pouch has to be removed from the insulated blanket and activated by placing it in hot water for 15 minutes and then placed back into the blanket.

This material maintains a constant temperature for 4 hours by absorbing heat if the baby gets too hot, and gives heat if the baby gets too cold.

This simple medical invention like this could save millions of lives.


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