‘InfiRay’ infrared thermal imaging camera for smartphone can display the infrared thermal image of the object clearly

InfiRay infrared thermal imaging camera for smartphone can display the infrared thermal image of the object clearly, also it can realize fast digital video transmission. The operation mode of the thermal imaging camera for smartphone is more humane and intelligent, and it has very strong operational mobility and is suitable for a wide range of temperature measurement targets.

With thermal camera for smartphone, you can turn your cell phone into a thermal imaging camera to improve the insulation and efficiency of home heating and cooling, to find gas leaks, “see better at night” with no light, contactless temperature screening, screen for termites, find leaks, or diagnose medical issues.

As long as your phone are smartphone, it can turn your phone into infrared thermal imaging camera. Phone with thermal camera have great performance in night vision and temperature measurement. InfiRay has T2 Thermal Camera for Smartphone for ultra-far night vision and P2 Thermal Camera for Smartphone with world’s lightest weight.

Does the thermal imaging camera have see-through function? The answer is YES.
Thermal camera is the “eye of the night” and an important visual extension of human beings. Thermal cameras can see through darkness, glare, smog, and dense smoke not affected by visible light, and have a very wide range of applications. For example, the InfiRay® T2 Thermal camera for Smartphone has an ultra-distance night vision function of 870 m. It is a wilderness survival device that can “see through the night” and can be used for tracking, searching, travel, camping safety, etc.

However, thermal cameras cannot achieve through-wall perspective, because in daily life the walls are generally thick enough to withstand the infrared radiation on the other side of the wall. However, if the object inside the wall with sufficient temperature difference, thermal camera can detect it easily. Engineers can detect water leaks and other issues with a thermal camera, without having to dismantle the wall for evaluation. In the same way, thermal cameras can also be used for floor heating detection to quickly determine the point of failure without damaging the ground.