Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent

Holleyweb™ Inflatable Bubble Tent House

A bubble tent is a transparent apartment that you can easily set up anywhere so as to host your guests at whichever occasion you are holding. With it, you can literally look at the stars while sleeping and slumber nearer to nature than before. bubble tents are made from PVC material hence it is entirely fire retardant and waterproof. It has a burrow that allows one in and out of the bubble. they are strong they can easily be dismantled at the end of the event by simply inflating them.

The Bubble Tent allows you to sleep while gazing at the stars, while still having a waterproof covering over you, for those rainy nights. This product is perfect for camping in the woods, and in your own backyard, in the same comfort of sleeping at home. It is easily assembled and dissembled and can easily be brought out into the woods for a camping trip. This roomy tent can be fitted with all sorts of furniture, and it has enough space for two adults.

It can be fitted with armchairs, lamps, tables and chairs. It has a 2 door opening and is made in an igloo-style. This is great for preventing any annoying insects for coming into the tent (wish I had that in my tent when I was camping). The Bubble Tent lets you experience the outdoors without actually going outside. It has a strong covering, that is waterproof and fire resistant. It is made out of a durable, long-lasting material, and keeps you safe from any bugs and other problems. It is a cheaper alternative to something like a trailer, and is perfect for anybody who wants to camp and enjoy nature.




Inflatable bubble house can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens.

Inflatable bubble lodge tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. It can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens. Cheap inflatable bubble lodge for outdoor camping and beach sight-seeing.



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