Edge Innovations – real size robotic dolphin. Real-time Animatronics Reimagining the marine park industry.

Edge Innovations specializes in the design, development, and production of complex, highly integrated technology-based systems. Working with many of the world’s top visionaries, including James Cameron, Steve Wynn, and Frank Gehry, the Edge team has delivered some of the world’s most innovative technical and artistic creations.

Blending live puppeteering, programmed behavior, and artificial intelligence to create a unique guest experience.

The goal of this initiative is to reimagine the entertainment, educational, and business potential of the marine animal industry. Real-time Animatronics are hyper-real creatures capable of delivering any experience you can imagine.

From dolphins sharing their dreams with your children to great white sharks inviting you to be a part of their feeding frenzy to sea dragons breathing fire in a nighttime fountain show. Safe, up close, personal engagement with the creatures of our world ocean is finally possible.

The Paradigm Shift
As captive marine mammal shows have fallen from favor; and the catching, transporting and breeding of marine animals has become more restricted, the marine park industry as a viable business has become more challenging – yet the audience appetite for this type of entertainment and education has remained constant.

Real-time Animatronics provide a way to reinvent the marine entertainment industry with a sustainable, safe, and profitable future. Show venues include aquariums, marine parks, theme parks, fountain shows, cruise lines, resort hotels, shopping malls, museums, and more.

Edge Innovations plans to reimagine the marine park industry and change the future for these social and intelligent animals. The time to end their lifetimes in captivity is now. Dolphin Spirit is their initiative to create a new kind of educational and entertainment experience featuring close-up and personal interactions with these amazing animals.

Using their robotic dolphins, storytelling, and experience design, we can do just that.

It is currently developing it’s first pilot attraction scheduled to open to the public in the Summer of 2022. Follow us on Social Media to stay informed.

“An Animatronic Dolphin so realistic it may free dolphins all over the world.”

Edge Innovations (edgefx.com)

Dolphin Spirit (edgedolphinspirit.com)