Cool Innovative Home Use Products

Clasp and Cook

An induction cooker is usually a square and cumbersome object. The Clasp Range is a concept portable stove that is ready for the go. It consists of a ring body and four arms. The four arms are attached on the ring, and when not in use, the stove can be held with one hand. By placing the arms in the shape of a cross, you can easily set up a camp stove. Using a hidden plug, you can easily charge the portable stove via wall socket.




Wall-Mounted Laundry System

Does it blow your mind that a washing machine can be mounted on the wall? The SOLO is a unified laundry system. It is compact and wall mounted. The system cleans, irons, de-stains and refreshes clothes using modern technologies. Extending out from the wall-mounted front loader is an adjoined stainless steel shelf. Beneath this is a coat hanger rail for arranging articles to drip dry or undergo the Shirt-Shower steamer.



Time to Drink

It is too easy to forget to drink water in our daily lives. You may be dehydrated when you are thirsty. The Hidrate Spark, a smart water bottle, is here to change that. It contains a sensor that connects to your smartphone and monitors how much water you drink, and it glows to remind you to drink. Cleverly written notifications will help you reach your recommended daily water goal based on your personal parameters, location and activity.




Pizzarette Tabletop Pizza Oven



Popcake’s automatic home pancake maker


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