‘Jacto’ Intelligent Farming Machinery that help farmers with large scale farming

‘Jacto’ serve farmers by providing the best mechanization technology, information and services to enable them with largescale farming.

Uniport Planter 500 – Automated Planting precision

The technology of the pneumatic system (vacuum) in conjunction with the Precision Planting vSet2TM seed doser, allows an excellent singulation and CV (coefficient of variation), resulting in planting in the correct quantity and in the correct spacing with positive impacts on productivity.

Uniform depth

With the new Jato down force system (force of the seed line in the soil), composed of a set of gas springs, allowing a constant force at any height of the planting line. This allows a better uniformity in the depth of the seeds in the soil, independent of the reliefs and vibrations, allowing a more uniform germination. The system also allows a quick and agile setting of the desired force, reducing the adjustment time.

Arbus 4000 JAV -Autonomous Jacto spray

  • Intelligent application proportional to the size of the analyzed plant; greater product savings;
  • Convergent application system; greater deposit and less drift;
  • Automatic section cutting; analyzes if it has green mass and sprays on the target; greater product savings.

Autonomous operation control

  • Interactive control of the vehicle through a console that can be in the hand of the operator manager;
  • It allows working with more than one vehicle at the same time with the train function and virtual alignment of the machines.
  • Function follow the leader; the machines are virtually interconnected;
  • It allows the individual configuration of tasks for each vehicle;
  • Intelligent obstacle control management, the vehicle automatically stops when it identifies an obstacle and the vehicle manager can decide the relevant actions;
  • Remote operation monitoring.

It is Innovation focused and has been the first with many new technologies, examples – Brazilian duster, the first coffee harvester in the world, Otmis Telemetry system, the precision agriculture mechanization course…

It ensures that it protects the Environment by minimizing the environmental impact of their products and processes and by engaging the production chain in the continuous reduction of waste generation and pollution prevention.