Kolibree – The Fun, Intelligent, Beautiful toothbrush.

The first smart sonic toothbrush that turns tooth brushing into a game, educates kids, and empowers parents. The Kolibree can tell you if your brushing sessions tend to be as long and thorough as they should be.The Bluetooth-enabled Kolibree is now being replaced with a new model that’s both better and more affordable.

The new Kolibree improves upon the original with better Bluetooth connectivity, more precise motion tracking and is cheaper. According to the Paris-based company behind the toothbrush, all the valuable feedback it received from users of the first-gen model helped inform these changes. The Kolibree companion app has also undergone an overhaul and boasts the following new features.

The Kolibree uses a slew of onboard sensors, 3D motion sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer to analyze your brushing habits, and it uses the findings to present you with a clear picture of your dental hygiene (or lack thereof). It tells you if your brushing sessions tend to last as long as they should, and whether all quadrants of your mouth are receiving the attention they deserve. Its findings and suggestions are relayed to you via a companion app in the form of daily and weekly reports, which you can easily share with your dentist as well.

There is special emphasis on making brushing seem fun to kids and maybe grownups for whom avoiding the specter of painful and expensive dental procedures isn’t enough motivation. Lest its suggestions be ignored by the young ones, it gamifies the whole experience using mini games and brushing competitions featuring symbolic prizes.

Kolibree’s new toothbrush is now smarter than ever as it gets more features and even advanced gaming, there’s also a new advanced Kolibree app and Go Pirate 2, which the company calls the industry’s “most engaging smart toothbrush game for children.” For adults there’s Coach which helps them with preventive dental care. The company says that its Bluetooth connected sonic toothbrush with 3D motion sensors might be considered the best bathroom invention since toothpaste!

Go Pirate 2 aims to make kids enjoy brushing their teeth, they will receive scores and badges for proper brushing and advance age-based levels. There’s also a leaderboard that encourages friendly family competition among siblings. Kolibree Index will bring together regularity, quality and frequency enabling the user to keep tabs on their dental hygiene habits. With Check Up they can see a quick visual view of the areas they have missed, and the app also lets them set Reminders so that they remember to brush at least twice a day.


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