GEOBEE!: The Intelligent Tablet-Based Game For Children with Learning Disabilities

GeoBee!, a new intelligent, accessible, and affordable tablet game, can provide training for skills for children with learning disabilities. Today, there is a tremendous need for vision support in school and in rehabilitation. Children and adults with developmental and language disorders are constantly looking for tools to help boost their performance.

GeoBee! is the flagship game from VisionMechanic, Inc., a new tech technology company led by Dr. Charles Boulet who works on vision and motor skills development for developmentally challenged children. Designed by this doctor of vision and learning rehabilitation. GeoBee! is a tablet-based training game which helps these children improve their development skills–and they don’t even realize it.

Children are able to get a lot more done in practice because of the game’s design, and also because the gameplay is compelling and satisfying for children. The game can be adapted to suit many needs, skill levels, and therapeutic purposes in order to maximize benefit and comfort for the user.

The game has many applications with a soon-to-be-released professional version, offering advanced play reporting and remote game modification. Doctors and therapists can use it according to their client’s needs. GeoBee! also has reporting features and creates meaningful training options that kids can take home.

VisionMechanic, Inc. is also planning field trials with GeoBee! and will implement the game for free in schools which are sponsored. GeoBee! is priced fairly for families and schools, and there is also a subscription service available.

The new wave of intelligent games provides children the opportunity to engage in meaningful developmental pursuits.

Children struggling with vision problems get affected in learning and development and it is critical that parents have access to  tools such as this one to help at home.


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