EVZIO is the first and only intelligent take-home naloxone auto-injection system with voice and visual guidance

EVZIO is the first and only intelligent take-home naloxone auto-injection system with voice and visual guidance—designed to help caregivers take fast, confident action administering naloxone in an opioid emergency.

  • EVZIO can temporarily reverse the effects of opioids and help keep a patient breathing until emergency medical assistance is available
  • Get emergency medical help right away after the first dose of EVZIO, even if the person wakes up
  • If symptoms return after an injection with EVZIO, an additional injection using another EVZIO may be needed

Seconds count in an opioid emergency—have a plan in place


  • Most life-threatening opioid emergencies occur in the home, often witnessed by friends or family1
  • Lack of oxygen from an opioid emergency may lead to severe and permanent brain damage in as little as 4 minutes, yet the average EMS response time is 9.4 minutes according to the National EMS Information System2,3

Voice and visual guidance may help friends, family, or other caregivers without medical training correctly use EVZIO when they are the first to respond.

Get to know EVZIO

INTELLIGENT VOICE GUIDANCE: Simple, on-the-spot voice and visual guidance helps caregivers take fast, confident action administering naloxone during an opioid emergency and reminds the user to call 911

  • Each prescription includes a Trainer for EVZIO, allowing patients and caregivers to practice

EASY TO USE: Studies show 94% of users correctly administered EVZIO without training, and 100% with training*

SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEM: Prefilled, durable, and portable—small enough to fit in most pockets

  • Is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously into the outer thigh, through clothing if needed

*Based on the averaged results from 2 adequate and well-controlled usability studies.


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You should use EVZIO exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider and as described in the Patient Instructions for Use. Each EVZIO auto-injector contains only one dose of medicine.

As part of your opioid emergency plan, practice using the Trainer for EVZIO. Make sure your family and caregiver also practice using the Trainer for EVZIO.

Administration steps

Pull EVZIO from the outer case.

Do not go to Step 2 (Do not remove the red safety guard.) until you are ready to use EVZIO. If you are not ready to use EVZIO, put it back in the outer case for later use.

Pull off the red safety guard.

To reduce the chance of an accidental injection, do not touch the black base of the auto-injector, which is where the needle comes out. If an accidental injection happens, get medical help right away.

Note: The red safety guard is made to fit tightly. Pull firmly to remove.

Do not replace the red safety guard after it is removed.

Place the black end against the middle of the patient’s outer thigh, through clothing (pants, jeans, etc.) if necessary, then press firmly and hold in place for 5 seconds.

If you give EVZIO to an infant less than 1 year old, pinch the middle of the outer thigh before you give EVZIO and continue to pinch while you give EVZIO.

Note: EVZIO makes a distinct sound (click and hiss) when it is pressed against the thigh. This is normal and means that EVZIO is working correctly. Keep EVZIO firmly pressed on the thigh for 5 seconds after you hear the click and hiss sound. The needle will inject and then retract back up into the EVZIO auto-injector and is not visible after use.

After using EVZIO, get emergency medical help immediately.

For more detailed information on how to use EVZIO, click here.

If a family member, friend, or other caregiver thinks the patient is having an opioid emergency—even if they are not sure—they should still use EVZIO and call 911 or seek emergency medical assistance.


Each EVZIO prescription comes with a black-and-white Trainer that can be used for practice. Unlike EVZIO, the Trainer for EVZIO:

Does not have a needle
Does not have an expiration date
Does not contain medicine or any liquid
Can be reused (more than 1,000 times)

To be prepared in an opioid emergency, patients, family members, caregivers, and other individuals who may have to administer EVZIO should practice using the Trainer for EVZIO to become familiar with the injection process. After practicing with the Trainer for EVZIO, the electronic voice system should be reset by:

  • Replacing the red safety guard
  • Sliding the Trainer for EVZIO all the way back into the outer case

The Trainer for EVZIO should be left in its outer case for at least 5 seconds between each practice to allow the electronic voice system to reset properly. For more information on the Trainer for EVZIO, view the Trainer Information.

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