Senstone is a wearable intelligent voice recorder that records voice memos, organizes them, and then translates them into text.

Senstone is an “Intelligent Wearable Voice Recorder” – the first of its kind, according to Senstone Founder and CEO Nazar Fedorchuk. The concept for this device is simple: touch the device to activate it and take voice notes that will be automatically organized and synced to the cloud, automatically.

Senstone device is “backed by AI” in the cloud and uses your smartphone as a conduit to the Internet.

There’s also a Senstone app that you download onto your smartphone. The Senstone communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Your spoken notes are automatically transcribed into text in the cloud, and both versions (text and audio file) appear in the app on your smartphone. One nice touch is that the notes are both time-stamped and location-stamped (using your phone’s GPS capability). Clicking on the location associated with a note automatically brings up a map showing where you were when you made that note.

Senstone's overview

Another nice feature is the fact that you can associate hashtags with your notes. All you have to do is say “hashtag” followed by some keyword of your choice while you are dictating. Later, you can filter your notes using these hashtags and you can also search the contents of your notes looking for specific words or phrases.



The Senstone is said to carry a charge for up to four days under typical use.  Furthermore, the Senstone doesn’t have to be connected your phone while you are taking notes. It can hold up to four hours of audio when not connected to your phone, and it auto-syncs with your phone when you are back in range. When you open it, the app automatically syncs with the cloud, which is where the translation from speech to text takes place.

The overall process is surprisingly painless. The device works in a simpler way – just touch the device to activate it, the voice will be recorded and automatically organized and synced to the cloud. Senstone helps you stay focused on what you do. It lets you organize your thoughts quickly and allows you to manage your life with confidence and style.

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