The Assisi Loop: Non-invasive pain relief treatment for pets

The Assisi Loop provides non-invasive pain relief therapy for pets, an alternative to conventional drug-based treatments.

Assisi Animal Health is a science-based company specializing in offering clinical therapeutic solutions to veterinarians or by veterinary prescription to pet owners.

As of today, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the primary therapy mode for treating pain in animals. Yet they account for the largest number of adverse drug reactions as reported to the FDA. To add, the primary areas that get affected in animals are the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and kidney, which, when affected, may adversely affect the animal’s health.

The assisi loop 2.0 is a noninvasive coil wire loop that rests on the injured part of the body to provide healing and reduce inflammation. It can be used for dogs, cats and horses.

It is a portable, disposable and easy to use device that can be used in a clinic or at home. Assisi uses electrical currents to improve health and healing. The loop specifically uses gentle micro currents, which do not disturb animals who are already in pain.  It allows currents to be induced in the tissues from outside the body without touching the skin even through bandages, casts, fur, hair, etc . The targeted areas are thus gets healed along with reduction in swelling and pain.

The loop has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation, to treat orthopedic injuries, degenerative, neurological issues, post-surgical pain and swelling, inflammatory conditions and wounds. The device can be used alongside with other treatments like laser therapy, acupuncture, pain and inflammation medicines.

At present, there are 2 types of loops available.

The assisi loop 2.0 is excellent for chronic and degenerative conditions in which users are able to choose how often to treat according to recommended protocol. There is no timer needed and it shuts itself after 15 minutes.

The assisi loop 2.0 (auto cycle), on the other hand, is preferred for acute cases following a surgery or injury. This treats the affected every 15 minutes every 2 hours and is particularly useful in treating post-operative procedures at a clinic.

Success rate of the Assisi loop 2.0 is good and 85% of veterinary professionals say they would likely recommend this loop to vet owners. It clearly fills a need in the community for a non-chemical based treatment for injury.

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