Kuvée has invented a way to connect wine bottle to the Internet to provides background information about the wine.

The Kuvee smart wine bottle claims to keep the vino fresh for 30 days letting you enjoy a glass at a time as you feel the need to self medicate.

A Boston-based startup called Kuvée has invented a way to connect specific bottles of wine to the Internet. The innovation has two parts: the bottle, which features a touchscreen label, and the wine cartridges that fit inside of it. The bottle detects what wine cartridge you’re drinking and displays a digital label on its touchscreen that provides background information about the wine, photos of the vintner, pairing notes, and a full description of its contents. It also tracks how much wine is left in the cartridge and allows the user to purchase other wine cartridges available from the company.

The Kuvee comes with a charging stand.

Simply pick the bottle of wine you’d like to drink, click it into the Kuvée dispenser, and pour a glass. Repeat with as many different wines as you’d like. Because everything is “smart” these days, wine bottles are getting an Internet connection, too.

Kuvée is a first-of-its-kind wine system that gives you the freedom to enjoy the glass of wine you truly want, whenever you want it — without wasting a drop. Kuvée  proprietary system keeps wine fresh for 30 days so you can have several bottles open and on hand at anytime. It also lets you learn about wine directly from the connected Kuvée dispenser. The more you sip, the smarter you (and the bottle) get.

Kuvee is reinventing wine distribution and consumption.


Each wine bottle comes with a screw cap to protect it during shipping. Just unscrew it, puncture a tiny tab on the neck of the bottle and place the Kuvee over the bottle. The screen will immediately light up with the wine’s label. Tap on the screen, and up pops information about the winery, as well as tasting notes and suggestions for food pairings.

The wine pours out just like a regular wine bottle. When you want to switch to another bottle, just press the center button to eject the current bottle before slipping in the next one. What’s especially nice is that you don’t have to clean anything if you go from pouring a red to a white.






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