‘EarGo’ hearing aids that are virtually invisible, comfortable and rechargeable.

EARGO Neo Hearing Aid are virtually invisible, rechargeable, professional-grade Hearing Aid.

Eargo is a Class I, FDA cleared hearing aid (intended for mild to moderate hearing loss). No prescription is required. Eargos are specifically designed for those with a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing losses, including hearing loss from noise exposure or simply due to natural aging.

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They have highest audio fidelity ever with advanced noise reduction that provides an experience that would impress any audiophile. Eargo Neo is crisp and clear with exceptional acoustic response in higher frequencies.

Eargo | A Revolutionary New Hearing Aid

Their patented Flexis made from medical-grade silicone, which allows you to hear low, deep tones naturally while amplifying high frequencies for clarity, resulting in a more natural sound.

Eargos provide a premium listening experience, and are so small, no one will know you’re wearing them.

Eargo Neo’s charging case can hold a charge for an entire week. And a full charge on your Eargo Neo devices lasts all day long. Just pop ’em into the charging case each night before bed, and by the time you wake up they’ll be ready to go for the day.

The Eargo Neo charging case is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to a smartphone through the Eargo smartphone app (available on iOS and Android).

Their hearing professionals can personalize and adjust the settings on your Eargo Neo devices remotely. New settings are sent to your charger via the cloud and are then passed to your hearing devices. Their licensed professionals can be contacted as needed through the smartphone app for adjustments to your Eargo Neo settings.

You get 2 Eargo Neo devices (one for each ear!), a portable charging case, a USB cord, power adapter, replacement Flexi Palm tips (large and regular-sized), cleaning kit with brush, cloth, and replacement wax guards.