Juicero is the world’s first at-home, cold-press juicer

Juicero is the world’s first at-home, cold-press juicer. Use our smart technology to start making your own fresh raw juice today.

Now, making juice IS easy. Introducing Juicero, the first at-home, cold-press juicing system. Leave chopping, cleaning, and other juicing hassles behind, and drink 100% fresh raw juice on demand.

Juicero is a company that makes devices for fruit and vegetable juicing. The company’s first product was the Juicero Press, a Wi-Fi connected juicer that uses single-serving packets of chopped fruits and vegetables sold exclusively by the company by subscription.

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Created by Doug Evans, the co-founder of popular New York City juice bar chain ORGANIC AVENUE, it brought in $120 million in investments and earned the nickname the “Keurig of juice” long before it debuted at the end of March.

It allows you to make fresh, cold-pressed juice at home, without the headaches: No chopping, no washing, no waste. No beet stains on your cutting board, and no hand-washing treacherous blades. Just pop a packet of pre-portioned ingredients into the machine, push one button and you’ve got a (very) fresh juice that tastes great every time.


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