The Kazanjian Foundation is Funding Economic Education Projects

Is economic education a focus for you? The Kazanjian Foundation  is offering opportunities to apply for funding for projects relating to economic education.

Grant Information

The Foundation makes grants of various sizes. The average grant is approximately $22,000, however grants as small as $3,500 and as large as $150,000 have been made. Occasionally, multi-year grants are made for larger projects.

The Foundation has an abiding interest in elevating the nation’s understanding of the need for economic education. It will support programs that raise various public’s participation in economic education and/or create a demand for greater economic literacy.

The application of new strategies for teaching economics including on-line and web-based instruction is of interest to the Foundation.

Projects, policy studies, or programs that encourage measurement of economic understanding more often and/or more effectively are of specific interest.

The large number of students at risk of leaving school, and hence never effectively participating in the nation’s economic system are of concern to the Foundation. Programs that help otherwise disenfranchised youth and/or young adults with children learn to participate in the economic system are very important to the Foundation.

Application Details

The Foundation does not use a specific application form. Instead, applicants should develop a proposal of no more than 10 pages using the “criteria for evaluation” on this website as a guideline. Applicants should include, along with the proposal: (1) a copy of the IRS designation letter, (2) a list of their Board of Directors, (3) their most recent audit statement, and (4) an annual budget.

Those proposing projects should examine the compendium of existing economic education materials and programs catalogued in the Kazanjian Econmic Education Reviews ( before making application.

Dates for Applications:  Applications are due by September 15 for review in November/December, or by February 15 for review in May/June. All applications should be sent to:

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 300 Dallas, PA 18612-0330
Phone: (570) 675-7074
Fax: (570) 675-8436

For more information, visit the Foundation’s website.

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