keenon robot – indoor intelligent service robot.

Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. is the global leading AI company focusing on indoor intelligent service robot.

They are the expert in the field of indoor autonomous driving and provide brand new intelligent unmanned delivery solutions for our customers.

Their products are mainly applied in fields such as catering, medical care, hotels, entertainment, retail, venues, government affairs, offices, real estate, communities, banking, posts, finance, insurance, airports, stations, etc.

Delivery Robot-T1

Delivery Robot-T1

The multi-sensor fusion technology, based on LIDAR, machine vision, depth senor, etc., has the ability to locate and navigate high precisely indoors.

The food delivery robot can not only deliver food in the restaurant, but it can also be used for recycling plates in restaurants, serving tea and water in the office, delivering express and takeaways, and providing goods delivery services for the hotel industry.

Why More And More Restaurant Owners Are...

The robot is equipped with a three-layer pallet. Each layer can load 10 kilograms maximum and a single delivery can load 30 kilograms in total.

Smart bracelet call
No contact, more convenient
The robot is equipped with a new intelligent call bracelet; it only takes one step to call
the robot and issue the delivery instruction, which is convenient and straightforward.

Keenon robot is user-centered for front-of-house guest deliveries, enables the contactless guest journey to become reality in hotel restaurants.

Office Building
The main functions of the Keenon robot in the office area are guiding, delivery, disinfection, etc.

Keenon robot delivers food contactless from the kitchen to your customers. Keenon robot can boost the turnaround efficiency in restaurants.

Keenon robot can move materials and clinical supplies almost anywhere you need. Provide hospitals with unmanned disinfection services

Keenon Robotics Co. Ltd is headquartered in Shanghai, concentrating on stable, efficient and practical commercial service robots.

Their core competitiveness is autonomous positioning navigation and core sensors.