Kobi – self-driving lawn mower

Mean Green Mowers has partnered with Kobi Company to develop an autonomous commercial electric mower.

Dubbed the ATOM, it is a 74-inch autonomous commercial mower that uses artificial intelligence to find its way around.

The self-driving technology of The Kobi Company installed on a device of Mean Green Mowers. Highly accurate, efficient and robust to solve the labor issue in the industry.

Mean Green

Mean Green Mowers unveiled its new product, in partnership with the robotics company Kobi to develop the ATOM at the 2019 GIE+EXPO in Louisville, KY. Production is set to begin in 2021 on the ATOM, which is intended to be short for autonomous.

Stephen Waelbers, chief technology officer at Kobi, says the new technology on Mean Green’s ATOM requires fewer workers, helping to solve a common problem of landscape companies.

Kobi is an autonomous lawn robot. It comes with 3 different modules that will equip him to take over your 3 least favorite yard tasks: mowing the lawn; raking the leaves; and shoveling the snow. With his GPS system and wireless communication abilities, Kobi will learn the perimeter of your property and any fixed obstacles within it, and then maintain a perfectly cut lawn by snipping by the fraction of an inch as it grows, and distributing the clippings as mulch to keep the grass healthy.

Similarly, as soon as leaves and snow start to fall, Kobi picks them up and blows them away, before large piles can accumulate. Kobi is even connected to weather forecasts so it gets the heads up on its own that winter, to the tune of 8 inches, is coming.

Kobi can plows snow, mows lawns,, mow leaves and spits them. It has a little plastic box fitted with silent brushless motors and built-in GPS for yard work.

Kobi connects to an app so you can tell it what to do and when if you don’t want to leave it to its own devices. Check out the Kobi website to learn more about the robot’s technical specs and find out how to get on the waiting list for your own.

For the ATOM, the mower’s sensors can detect humans and pets and will avoid them.