‘kofohon’ portable washing machine

Kofohon is a compact washer that has a simple and effective design to clean your clothing by the strong motor and pulsator.

Just drop a half tablespoon of laundry liquid into a ordinary buckets, add water, fix this semi-automatic washer on the bucket and dail the timer, finally turn on the switch.

Portable Washing Machine Small Mini Hand Compact Semi Automatic Washer Laundry Perfect for Home Apartment Dorm RV Camping Travel Outdoor Business Trip.

The machine operates as easily as a salad spinner to get clothes clean quickly, while saving water and electricity for you. It weight of 5.5LBS for 6.5LBS Capacity

This portable washing machine is 1776 Inches and weight for 5.5 Lbs.You can stored it anywhere, in a closet, deep drawer, on the wall, in a laundry basket, even put it in a rucksack while your traveling.

small washing machine hand portable mini space washer laundry apartment rv camping baby clothes dorm

The running time of this mini hand portable washing machine is not more than 15 minutes at a time. The design of timer is very different from other manufacturers.

KOFOHON was founded by a group of young people who love travelling and outdoor sports. Laundry is a big problem when travelling outside or on our business trips. So the first goal of our washing machine is small and light.

Product is available at Amazon.com