‘KroniKare’ – Mobile diagnostic tool, for automatic assessing and managing chronic wounds.

KroniKare is an AI-based assessment and management technology for chronic wound care. The first step in using KroniKare is to assess a patient’s chronic wound using the scanning device.

This wound is then cross-analysed against more than 15 years of data that has been integrated within the AI server. Within 30 seconds, a report is generated with a detailed assessment on the wound, allowing healthcare practitioners and patients to make quicker decisions about the best care and treatment needed.

Scanning Device

KroniKare’s scanning device is a portable multi-spectral scanner that allows quick scanning of a patient’s chronic wound. All analysis and AI processing of the chronic wound data is done on-device.

Thanks to this convenient and non-invasive technology, chronic wound in patients can be assessed 30 times faster than traditional scans and complicated wounds can be detected easier as well.

Patients can now get their wounds scanned and assessed by junior healthcare practitioners too. This state-of-the-art KroniKare wound scanner can capture wounds in UV, visible light and thermal images.


KroniKare is a HSA Class B registered diagnostic tool, for automatic assessing and managing chronic wounds. No more waiting 30 minutes for a complete assessment. With KroniKare, you can scan, measure and detect a patient’s wound in 30 seconds using Twin AI technology on over 15 years of systematic data capture.

Artificial Intelligence

A deep on-server AI analysis is carried out for each wound scanned through the KroniKare scanning device. This server has been fed with data from over 15 years of chronic wound support and can cross-check the scanned wound against existing information under a minute.

The AI-server is also continuously developing, as the technology also automatically stores information that is new and manually input by nurses for special wound cases.

Integrated Dashboard

The KroniKare web dashboard is automatically generated once the chronic wound has been scanned and assessed by the intelligent technology. Images captured can be either from the wound or the limbs surrounding the area of impact. The report displays information that is generated by the AI technology as well as data that has been manually keyed in by nurses or on-duty healthcare practitioners.

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