WORX – Landroid robotic smart lawn mower

WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower provides a completely hands-off mowing experience.

Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower is engineered by AIA Intelligent Navigation, the Landroid is programmed with an algorithm that is designed to keep a random mowing pattern. This ensures the entire lawn is covered – even those sometimes-forgotten corners – and makes for an even trim week after week.

Worx Landroid WR150 Large

The smart technology in Landroid knows when and how to charge itself and has frequency sensors that keep it within the bounds of your property.

The Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower can cover up to ½ an acre at a time. It has full turning capacity and turns at right angles. This ensures it will see to every corner.

The Landroid doesn’t collect grass clippings. Fine clippings are left behind, serving as nutrition for your yard.

Smart mower uses weather data and lawn preferences from Landroid app to configure the optimum mowing schedule.

Landroid’s patented algorithm creates random paths for it that allow it to cover every inch of the yard within the course of a week.

It can also navigate right-angle turns and small pathways seamlessly.