Blaze Laserlight – keeping cyclists safe

Blaze Laserlight’s goal is to keep cyclists safe with a new take on the bicycle light by using a Batman-like signal.

It features a powerful LED light, combined with a green laser that illuminates a bike symbol onto the street in front of the cyclist. This makes the cyclist a lot more visibly to cars, especially if the cyclist is in back of the car.


It projects a warning signal 16 to 20 feet ahead of a cyclist, to stop pedestrians and drivers from stepping/driving out in front of them.

Benefits of the Blaze Laserlight
The light can be seen from nearly all angles, helping make drivers and pedestrians aware of any approaching Santander Cycles – otherwise they might be unseen, for example when they are in a vehicle’s blind spot
A trial showed that the lights help to increase confidence on the roads by making cyclists feel more visible
We hope these innovative lights will encourage people to keep riding during the winter months, when cycling drops
How Blaze is powered
As the rider pedals, both Blaze and the front and rear flashing LEDs are charged. Blaze automatically turns on in low light conditions, showing in steady state when the rider is moving and flashing when stationary.

If the cycle is stationary for more than two minutes Blaze will turn off to save charge. It will also switch automatically to a steady image again once the cycle is in motion.

Laser projection
The Laserlight was designed to have the image facing upright as seen from your handlebars.

A cycle will still look like a cycle when seen upside-down or sideways, or from any angle in between. Its simple, striking image is the most effective way to help you be seen and to keep you safe on the roads.

The light is fixed to the cycle and points down to the ground.

The laser image is produced by a relatively low-power Class IIIR laser component, which like all lasers can be hazardous if misused. We recommend that you avoid direct eye exposure to direct or scattered radiation. If the unit is tampered with on the cycle in anyway the laser will be damaged beyond use.

Blindspot is the biggest danger to cyclist, The Laserlight uses a green laser to project a symbol of a cyclist riding a bike on the road to stop someone from crossing your path.

The Laserlight is no ordinary bike light – it makes you more visible at night than you would be in the daylight. It does this by projecting an image of a bike in front of you to increase your footprint on the road, alerting drivers and other road users to your presence and making you visible when otherwise invisible.


A huge advantage of cycling in general is the bicycle’s tiny footprint on our cluttered urban roads. However, this can become a problem when a bicycle virtually becomes invisible in a driver’s blind spot. Cars, buses and HGVs occupy a much more prominent position, and as such get treated to more space. Urban cyclists can feel like the most microscopic of road users unless they have a means by which to increase their footprint and visibility; which is where the Laserlight comes into play.


Blaze Laserlights have been fitted to all 12,000 Santander Cycles to make riders more visible and increase their confidence on the roads.

Alongside all its safety benefits, the Laserlight was designed to be as effective as it is elegant. It’s patented, award-winning design makes it intuitive and simple to use as well as being easy on the eye. Its casing is made of beautiful aircraft-grade aluminum. 100% waterproof and built to withstand extreme vibrations, it is tough enough to survive the rain, wind, the grit and the potholes.