LeGrow Smart Indoor Planter is a LEGO-like system that makes indoor planting easy.

LeGrow’s self-watering pot modules make indoor planting and maintaining easy. significantly reducing how often your seedlings and saplings need watering, gardening is perfectly practical, whether you’re a beginner or a busy bee.

self watering pot pots for indoor plants garden tower greenery decor indoor planter

Indoor Gardening Made Easy, Innovative, and Beautiful

LeGrow combines a sleek, modern aesthetic, cutting-edge technology, and quality material so you can grow and sustain a truly gorgeous garden.

TG-09 (Stack Pot)
INCLUDED IN THE LEGROW BUILDER KIT – 10 Patented Design Stackable Plant Pots, 6 Bottom Connectors, 2 Water Holding Base Trays

The simple exterior keeps the focus on your foliage while a breathable internal reservoir inside each planter keeps oxygen and nutrients flowing to your house plants.

single legrow planter with a beautiful green plant, placed on a hub charging a mobile phone

STACKABLE SMART GARDEN SYSTEM – Want LeGrow decor to make even more of a statement? Opt for the indoor garden tower! Don’t worry—more modules doesn’t mean more maintenance. A warming light, hydrating humidifier, and even a device-charging hub are all built in

DESIGN YOUR OWN INDOOR GARDEN – Try combining LeGrow’s indoor plant pots to curate the greens of your dreams, from herbs to succulents, bonsai, begonias, and more. Add and arrange lightweight, stackable, and portable modules so your LeGrow garden always suits your space!