LeoLabs – mapping platform for space, for objects in low Earth orbit

LeoLabs is building a global network of radar arrays that can track smaller debris than we can today, and with better precision.

With their network of ground-based, phased array radars, LeoLabs produces high-resolution data on objects in low Earth orbit (LEO), providing unparalleled support for industries that rely on satellite services.

Tracking & Monitoring

The commercial off-the-shelf tracking service providing automated, independent monitoring for satellites – even those smaller than 1U in size.

Built on the LeoLabs data platform, the Tracking and Monitoring service leverages the LeoLabs global radar network and delivers precision tracking and curated orbit data products for satellites down to 1U in size or slightly smaller. Designed for operational use as a fully independent primary or backup tracking service for on-orbit satellites, operators can now have immediate access to affordable, accurate orbit information to inform operational decisions.

Collision Avoidance

LeoLabs now provides tailored collision avoidance services directly to satellite owner-operators. When, where, and how you need it.

LeoLabs Collision Avoidance is comprised of a set of unique web services that offer satellite operators unparalleled access to high accuracy conjunction alerts and risk trending information. Built for operational automation and scalability, these powerful web services enable rapid task execution and efficient operational integration for constellations of all sizes.


Securing safe and responsible satellite operations

Gone are the days of relying on luck to find your satellites after launch. Introducing the first and only commercial service operationally proven to quickly locate and identify newly launched payloads to LEO.

Space Domain Awareness

Rapidly expand your SDA capabilities with a worldwide network of radars and advanced analytics.

Turn these services on today instead of waiting years to build new radars and new software. LeoLabs tracks satellites and debris regardless of whether you know they are a priority now or they become a priority later.