Zebra Medical Vision leveraging Artificial Intelligence to detect Cancer in patients for $1

Zebra’s mission is to provide radiologists the tools they need to make the next leap in patient care. The demand for medical imaging services is continuously increasing, outpacing the supply of qualified radiologists and stretching them to produce more output, without compromising patient care. Only by adopting new technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of radiologists, can this crisis be mitigated. Zebra is empowering radiologists with its revolutionary AI1 offering which helps health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality- at a flat, transparent $1 per scan



We work with millions of imaging and correlated clinical records to create high-performance algorithms that automatically detect medical conditions faster, for numerous findings in parallel. Over the next few years we expect to release dozens of automated findings and insights to help radiologists provide more comprehensive, accurate outcomes – faster, without compromising quality of care.


Identify high risk patients earlier
Facilitate disease prevention programs
Optimize worklist prioritization for urgent cases
Manage population health programs to reduce cost of care

Zebra’s Radiology Assistant receives imaging scans from various modalities and automatically analyzes them for a number of different clinical findings.
Findings are provided in real time to radiologists or other physicians and hospital systems as needed.


Zebra uses a proprietary database of millions of imaging scans, along with machine and deep learning tools, to create software that analyzes data in real time with human level accuracy – providing radiologists the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads, without sacrificing quality.


Providers use Zebra to alert them of patients at high risk of cardiovascular, lung, bone and other diseases. This facilitates preventative care programs, proper risk adjustments and allocation, as well as conformance with quality standards such as MACRA.
With Zebra – focus can be provided to the right patients, at the right time – saving overall costs while improving care.

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