‘Tinke’ is an optical lifestyle sensor that measures your fitness and wellness in realtime

Tinke is an optical lifestyle sensor that measures your fitness and wellness. Fitness: By taking a vita measurement, Tinke measures 3 parameters (blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, heart rate) and indicates your fitness level in 30 seconds.

A culmination of personal health in digital format, TINKÉ combines the hardware and software systems to determine vital signs from your body. At a touch of your finger, TINKÉ measures Oxygen Levels in your Blood (SpO2), Rate of Respiration (RR) as well as for your Heart Rate (HR).


The information collected from your finger is skilfully correlated to provide a baseline score known as Vita Index™. Your Vita Index allows you to monitor your results easily (by just remembering one number) and to share your information without revealing actual values of your SpO2, RR and HR.

TINKÉ revolves around optical signals of blood volume changes known as Photoplethysmography (PPG). By means of advanced signal processing methods, algorithms were derived to handle exposure to ambient light, monitor the required pressure prior to the analysis of Blood Oxygen levels, Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate.

  • The world’s only sensor that tracks your Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate Variability to determine your fitness and stress levels with just a touch of your finger.
  • Monitor and chart your daily measurements to know your progress or send your measurements to your coach or trainer for better guidance.
  • Log personal notes on your measurements, or share your fitness and stress results with friends and family within the Tinké network or on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Earn badges and points when you consistently monitor your fitness and wellness to keep you motivated.
  • Compatible with smart devices running Android 4.3 or later.

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