LIV is your complete toolset for VTubing, Mixed Reality Capture and VR native utilities like in-headset stream chat, alerts and notifications!

Mixed Reality Capture, simplified

Capture yourself inside your favorite VR games using any camera, from your entry level webcam to professional grade DSLR’s and beyond

Mixed Reality, live.

No more complicated setups, lengthy manual OBS setups and relying on legacy code. LIV handles everything for you, from setup to calibration and final output

Simple Calibration

Set up and calibrate your camera entirely within VR using 3 simple steps

Deep game library

LIV supports >800 VR apps including many of the biggest games in VR!

Customize your liking

A wide range of tools to make Mixed Reality Capture fit your space & hardware

In-app chroma keying using machine learning

Use a traditional green screen for best quality, or our ML-based background removal for easy setup

Wide range of devices supported

Mixed Reality works with any PCVR headset, as well as Meta Quest 1 and 2 with more devices supported as they are released

Avatars & Vtubing

Easy to use

Switching Avatars and controlling cameras are entirely handled by a simple, accessible 1-hand interaction system

Custom Avatar support

We support .vrm, .avatar, .glb and Ready Player Me avatars, with more coming!

Deep game library

LIV supports >800 VR apps including many of the biggest games in VR!

Expressiveness and customizability

Our goal is to allow you to be exactly who you want to be, and give you as much expressiveness as your system allows

Support for up to 14-point tracking

Attach as many VIVE trackers to your body as you can fit, and see it translate into natural avatar movements

Simple & Advanced calibration

Strike a T-pose for a quick calibration, or meticulously adjust the bones until everything fits just right

Chat, alerts and notifications in VR

LIV StreamerKit is the most performant in-VR stream chat, alerts and notifications application built by streamers, for streamers. Works with any OpenVR/SteamVR game

In-VR stream chat

Support for Twitch, Streamlabs and Streamelements

With more platforms coming!

Full customization

Choose colors, borders, opacities, size, position, style, and more

All the emotes!

BTTV, Frankerfacez, and SevenTV emote support!