LIVE broadcast from smartphone

Live stream video is going mainstream as new apps are placing real-time broadcast ability in the hands of any smartphone user.

Ustream Broadcaster
Ustream Live Broadcaster lets you broadcast high quality video to the world. This works over 3G and Wi-Fi. You can switch between the front or back cameras on the fly. There is a simple one click button to share your streams with the world. If you have viewers you can interact with them in the chat room. There has never been an easier and simpler way to stream live video with the world. The latest Ustream app is also great if you want to view live streams. Ustream Live Broadcaster is the essential video streaming app for the iPhone.

Twitter’s Periscope 

Periscope makes streaming video a snap with only a couple of taps. There are tons of live streams to watch at any given moment. You can broadcast both public and private videos.

With Periscope, all you have to do is open the app, and you’ve got a virtual channel surfing guide of live streams to scroll through right from the beginning — regardless of who you follow already on Twitter. There’s hours and hours of time-wasting potential here, and with Periscope’s unique ability for broadcasters to pin their location, it really feels like a window to what’s going on in the world right now.


Meerkat is a mobile app that enables users to broadcast live video streaming through their mobile device. Once signed up, Meerkat users have the option of connecting their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and stream directly to their followers as soon as they go live. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Meerkat allows you to live stream video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. Press ‘Stream’, and instantly your live video stream shows up.


CloudCam lets you share what your iPhone camera is seeing with the world. Rather than a video feed it will send out an image every few seconds. This technology enables you to have longer battery life, but you lose audio and an actual live video feed in the process. The interface and setup is as easy as they come. If you don’t need a true video stream, this may be the app for you.






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