MagicBit – STEM learning kit for kids to help build cool ideas

Magicbit is an all-in one package to start learning microcontroller programming for everyone.

Magicbit is a tiny computer which can be programmed to create different smart innovations with technologies like Internet of Things(IoT), robotics and electronics. Magicbit is fast to learn, easy to use and cost effectiveness to make technology more accessible and available to everyone.

Magicbit is a platform to learn and practice new technologies like IoT, robotics, programming, electronics and AI. The hardware and software suit of Magcibit platform is easy to learn and caters from beginner to expert level.

Magicbit – An easy IoT platform for Everyone

Magicbit is packed with powerful features such as pluggable modules, interoperability with popular software and a wide range of applications. Magicbit enables innovators to develop solutions for a wide range of applications and scale up solutions from simple to complex level using the same platform.

It also supports –, Blynk,,, Azure, AWS, GCP

Magicbit learning content is available to anyone under the Learn page in Magicbit YouTube channel also contains video guides for users on different student projects. Since Magicbit is interoperable, anyone can refer content of popular software such as Arduino, Scratch and Micropython to use with Magicbit platform.

Magicbit brings in unique value with a powerful and useful features to practice different technologies in the same platform. Magicbit innovation environment with hardware, software, mobile app and accessories makes it a perfect tool as a complete solution to innovators. Easy to learn nature packed with capacity to build complex applications is another value Magicbit provides to user over any other platform in the market.

It uses – Arduino, microPython, PlatformIO, .net Nano Framework, Visual Micro, ESP-IDF, Java Script

First time setup guide

Welcome to the world of Magicbit !!! Let’s start your journey of innovationStep 1: Powering up

Step 1: Powering up

Connect the Magicbit to the computer via USB cable to power up Magicbit

Step 2: Self Test

When using for the first time, Magicbit self-check program will run on the device

Step 3: Magicbit Uploader

Download and install Magicbit upload tool with drivers