MEDEXPO TANZANIA 2017 – Aug 22-24, 2017


The 20th MEDEXPO 2017 – International Trade Exhibition is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania, concurrently held with East Africa Trade Exhibition (EAITE).The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 20 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries at one time. Over the past few years, Tanzania has emerged as a major regional trade centre.

HEALTH TALK AFRICA 2017 is the official conference at Africa’s prime International Medical & Healthcare Trade Exhibition – MEDEXPO AFRICA. Health Talk Africa is co-organized together with Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF, Tanzania). MEDEXPO AFRICA. Health Talk Africa is a leading force in delivering a podium for the Medical & Dental industry enthusiasts to meet and share information on the challenges the industry is facing and to discuss solutions to access affordable, reliable, clean & effective health provisions in Africa.

HEALTH TALK AFRICA 2017 serves as a catalyst for the development of a sustainable and competitive medical sector in Africa. Africa’s medical requirements are enormous and the demand is growing but resources are limited both in physical and financial terms. Africa is attracting significant attention from major overseas manufacturers, NGO’s & exporters. Given the phenomenal prospects available in this sector, Health Talk will provide an opportunity to network; collaborate with peers, innovators, thought leaders and policy makers.
Health Talk’s diverse group of delegates will include:

  • Government representatives
  • Trade Missions and Embassies’ Representatives
  • Pharmaceutical Companies & Consultants
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Investors, project finance and health insurance providers
  • Service providers in Health, Medical and Fitness industries
  • Telecommunication experts

Key Topics: Leading experts from across the industry will discuss the latest trends along with opportunities for developing, engaging and supporting a well managed and effectively regulated health industry. What are the challenges faced by the sector in providing access to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone?



  • Emerging Opportunities in the Medical and Healthcare Sector
  • Acknowledging the Challenges faced by the Industry in Providing Improved access to Affordable Healthcare
  • Innovation & Global Technology Trends
  • Advancements in Biomaterials: sources, products and scientific challenges
  • Healthcare Delivery and Management
  • Opportunities and constraints for development of the Medical sector
  • The Role of Affordable Healthcare on the development of the future

During this conference experts will exchange knowledge and share ideas about best practices and new technology developments, with the aim of providing quality, affordable healthcare for everyone. It’s a must-attend event, covering all aspects of the medical, dental and healthcare sector. You will be among like-minded individuals with common goals and objectives.


  • Global networking and business opportunities
  • Forging of partnerships and investments
  • Learn about the latest trends in the medical industry
  • Acquire advanced skills on the best techniques in Healthcare Delivery
  • A platform to showcase your brand and capabilities
  • Be inspired by stimulating presentations and problem-solving panel discussions
  • Learn more about the developments in the medical industry through case studies
  • One-on-one meetings with government and industry players
  • Gaining knowledge of the latest advances in biomaterials and technology