‘Meritech’s CleanTech automatic hand washer

CleanTech® is an automatic hand washing machine. Person needs to place their hand in the machine and it automatically dispenses soap and wash & dry hands.

It’s designed to provide a total wash and rinse in 12 seconds, every time.

Fully automated systems improve employee hygiene compliance while still exceeding CDC & FDA hand hygiene requirements, every time.

Remove the variability of human behavior by standardizing the process with.


Remove the variability of human behavior from your hygiene process and effectively guarantee quality employee hygiene by incorporating CleanTech® fully automated handwashing systems in your facility—clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in 12 seconds using 75% less water than a traditional sink.

Manual handwashing is inherently variable. Important aspects of the hand wash, such as amount of soap, amount of water, coverage of the hand (fingernails, fingertips, between the fingers, wrist, etc.), and duration of the wash vary from wash to wash.

By automating the process, these aspects are closely controlled and each person receives a high-quality hand wash regardless of the human variability factor.


If you haven’t experienced any problems in the past, then statistically you are overdue for a problem. CleanTech® standardizes each hand wash, guarantees clean hands, and leaves skin feeling softer with each wash! And this innovative technology provides a more sustainable approach to hand hygiene as it uses 75% less water and produces 75% less waste than a traditional sink.


Meritech has performed a series of independent laboratory studies that clinically prove CleanTech® automated handwashing systems remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands with each 12-second wash cycle, providing an equivalent result as a full 1-minute manual hand wash.

Resident flora are organisms that are always present on the skin of our hands and live in the layers of our skin. Resident flora are responsible for keeping our skin alive and healthy. In fact, they are even beneficial to good health.

Resident flora are naturally occurring organisms and do not cause disease. Transient bacteria are viruses and spores that do cause illness, disease, and even death in extreme cases. They are not normal hand flora—they are picked up onto the hands from some contaminated surface (doorknobs, viscera, utensils, etc.).

Then, the hands serve as a vector for disease, a transportation method for those pathogens to contaminate another surface, or another person. CleanTech® systems effectively remove more 99.9% of transient pathogens on hands in just 12 seconds.