Microsemi AcuEdge™ Development Kit to build your own version of Amazon AVS creating a voice-activated system (Alexa voice service)

Microsemi AcuEdge™ Development Kit for Amazon AVS

The success of personal assistants that you interact with via the spoken word, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Home, has made voice control a hot-ticket item in system design. Getting started in this technology, though, has required significant audio and signal processing expertise to address issues in background noise and the speaker’s location. A new development kit from Microsemi, in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa voice service (AVS), seeks to simplify startup so developers can focus on application rather than implementation.

Engineered to help you evaluate voice-enabled front-end audio systems for your Alexa-enabled products. This development kit features Microsemi’s ZL38063 voice processor powered by the company’s proprietary AcuEdge™ technology for front-end audio clean-up and preloaded “Alexa” wake-word detection. The kit includes a two microphone configuration that has been tested for both 180° and 360° pick-up.
ZLK38AVS Kit Contents

  • ZLE38AVS evaluation board
  • Pillar (Plastics)
  • Assembly hardware
  • Documentation
Timberwolf™ ZL38063 Audio Processor

  • Supports 2 microphones array placement for enhanced audio pick up
  • Audio barge-in
  • Noise reduction
  • Smart automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Direction of arrival
  • Two way communication

Designed for world-class voice front-end applications, Microsemi’s new ZL38063 audio processor features the company’s AcuEdge™ technology. This innovative technology is a set of highly-complex and integrated algorithms that significantly improves automatic speech recognition (ASR) for both embedded and cloud-based ASR solutions. The ZL38063 delivers audio enhancements that perform noise reduction and smart automatic gain control (AGC), enabling speech recognition at distance in noisy, real-world conditions.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), trigger word recognition, beam forming, automatic gain control (ACG), direction of audio, two way processing | Microsemi Amazon Alexa Dev Kit

Building Your Alexa AVS Smart Speaker Prototype

Microsemi’s Amazon Alexa development kit is designed to help developers quickly and easily set up prototypes that demonstrate a high quality voice recognition interface. It comes complete with all the building blocks to help developers build their smart speaker prototypes.

Supporting the Amazon AVS Ecosystem

Developers can use Microsemi’s Amazon Alexa development kit to build customer solutions for Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and industrial applications.

Alexa AVS Development Kit to build solutions for IoT, smart home & industrial applications | Microsemi







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