‘Moasure’ Motion-Based Measuring Tool

Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple.

By measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE allows you to measure in innovative new ways from calculating thearea of irregular spaces through to measuring changes in elevation.

Moasure ONE measures in ways no other measuring tool can.

Measure & Draw

Measure up and draw simultaneously.
Quickly review drawings on your smartphone or tablet.

Effortlessly measure curves and free-form shapes. Simply trace along the edges of an area using Moasure ONE to digitally capture the shape and dimensions. Rapidly measure up curved lawns, pools and other outdoor spaces.

Calculate Area

Automatically calculate the area of complex spaces like curved lawns, paving, ramps and staircases.

Calculate the total area and perimeter of rooms and outdoor spaces. Moasure ONE makes light work of irregular rooms and spaces, measuring and drawing the shape as you move around.

Measure Complex 3D Shapes

Moasure ONE knows its own position – digitally capturing all of the relevant data as you move. The device uses the same principles with accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers; plotting its position in 3D space, measuring g-force and rotation and taking account of the gravitational changes with altitude and latitude.

From measuring complex shapes like ramps or staircases, to calculating rise and run and conducting topographical surveys – Moasure’s revolutionary technology enables you to measure in completely new ways.

Measure Circles, Arcs & Curves

Simply collect 3 or more points along a curve and Moasure ONE will calculate:

Area, Circumference, Diameter, Radius

Arc Length, Arc Angle, Segment Area, Chord Length, Arc Radius

Moasure’s patented technology uses motion to take measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm to deliver an innovative new way to measure.

Using the latest accelerometers and gyros combined with a proprietary algorithm, Moasure can measure in ways no other measuring tools can.

Measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space, making it easy to measure distance, perimeter, changes in elevation – and even around obstacles.