Moleskine – Smart Writing Pen and Notebook

Smart Writing Set – a specially designed “Paper Tablet” notebook, smartpen and App.

Allows you to take notes digitally, sort and share them there, add pictures afterwards etc. It is the perfect crossover solution. It works smoothly, The pen saves every movement correctly, the page of the notebook is recognized ever time and the text recognition is very very good.

The Smart Writing Set Ellipse is an instant-access kit containing the Pen+ Ellipse smart pen and a Large Ruled Paper Tablet. Together with the Moleskine Notes App, these smart tools allow your handwritten notes and thoughts to travel off the page and evolve on screen in real time. Simply write on the pages of the Paper Tablet with the Pen+ Ellipse for instantly-digitized notes that can be edited, transcribed, organized and shared on your device of choice.

ellipse pen

The Pen+ Ellipse clips to the cover of the Paper Tablet, so you are always ready to jot down key points in a meeting, project brainstorming ideas, to-do lists, and whatever else fill the pages of your notebook. The Smart Writing Set Ellipse makes an instant and workable digital copy of every page – bringing all the advantages of borderless digital creativity to your freehand notes, sketches, diagrams and doodles.

Unveiling a new way to work, create and study with the Smart Writing Set. See how your handwritten notes are easily transformed into digital form, and can be edited and shared right from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Notebooks – Unlock ideas by hand on the page and watch as your notes are instantly digitized. Choose the format and layout that fit your needs.

Smart Pen – Simple to set up and a pleasure to write with. Freehand words and sketches flow freely from page to screen with the Smart Pen.

Notes App – Moleskine Notes is designed to empower your creative flow,  allowing you to digitally amplify, organize and share your handwritten notes.

Part of the wider Moleskine Smart Writing System, the Smart Writing Set Ellipse works with all other Moleskine Paper Tablets and Smart Diary/Planners. Choose between a variety of page layouts, sizes and colors, as well as from a range of accessories, to build a personalized Smart Writing System.

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