‘LittleOne.Care’ – AI Based Infant monitoring that listens to sounds and movements and suggests what the infant is experiencing

LittleOne.Care has developed an artificial intelligence system that monitors, tracks, and displays babies’ quality of life 24/7 – anywhere, no matter the care institution.

Monitoring is based on algorithms and neuron networks, with no radiation and no transmission. The device picks up all the sounds and movements made by the infant, performs an analysis, and suggests conclusions about what the infant is experiencing throughout the day. The data can also be used for early detection of potential safety incidents and alerts in the event of a deterioration in the quality of care – before actual neglect or other emergencies occur.

The AI and DL based system that Monitors and learns the infant’s unique movements and sounds and translating them into life events: feeding times and duration, intensity of motion, times of resting and sleeping.

The device is encrypted to safeguard users’ privacy and ensure high-level data protection.

The product supports parents and the infant from the moment of birth as they enter the critical period of establishing their parenting patterns and partnership in caring for and raising the child.

Parents can consult experts directly via the app, share data on their child’s behavior, development, and the quality of care, and obtain advice based on factual data.

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