Remote Patient Monitoring Platform for doctors to manage patients

Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) Platforms are growing and with Covid 19 the demand for RPM across the globe is high.

This will also change the support and monitoring landscape for patients and make these services universal and global. It will also empower patients and allow them to view their health data.

100Plus –

100Plus helps physicians monitor patients and provides data that informs clinical decisions throughout their course of care. Remote patient monitoring simply refers to the use of technology to record health data for review by a provider in a different location than the patient.

100Plus uses cellular devices to transmit data.

100Plus provides Medicare patients with digital weight scales, blood-pressure cuffs and other devices that transmit data to physicians, enabling them to spot signs that a person’s health is worsening or a treatment isn’t working.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices (RPM) | 100Plus

100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring devices serve conditions like, heart disease, low/high blood pressure, CHF, diabetes, & weight.

100Plus is an ecosystem of remote patient monitoring devices for seniors on Medicare. The platform solution sends patient data to medical practitioners for review, which enables these providers to qualify for Medicare reimbursement under the new Remote Patient Monitoring program.

Seniors enrolled in 100Plus receive a medical device that is fully configured and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required.

As part of the Remote Patient Monitoring program, providers are reimbursed for the setup, hardware, and service costs, as well as ongoing review of patient data. Eligible Medicare patients receive devices at no cost for them.

Our Offering | Remote Patient Monitoring Provider Portal | 100Plus

Senior patients have dramatically higher mortality rates for COVID-19 – currently at 8 in 10 deaths from the virus – and a greater number of comorbid chronic conditions (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, obesity) compared to the general population.

For senior citizens, going to a medical office or clinic is both logistically challenging and heightens their risk of infection.

Patient Enrollment and Setup

Patient Enrollment
  • EHR integration to identify and extract at-risk Medicare patients within your practice.
  • Patient demographic data is corrected, completed, and validated with partner APIs.
  • Patient clinical data is matched with supported 100Plus medical devices.
  • Medicare eligibility check to ensure you are reimbursed.
Patient checking blood pressure on 100Plus blood pressure cuff
Device Setup and Shipping
  • Patient outreach and consent automated dialing, mailing, email, and SMS.
  • Devices are shipped directly to patients fully configured and ready to use out of the box without the need for a phone, app download, email, Bluetooth, or set up by patients.
  • Patient outreach upon confirmation of device delivery for training.
  • Unlimited free devices, which are critical to managing a patient’s chronic conditions.
Doctor checking patient data on a computer


MedM is a world technology leader in Mobile Patient Monitoring and Medical Device Connectivity software. The Company leverages all the team skills and background to allow customers focus on what they do best – services, clinical outcomes, hardware, while MedM team is taking care about the software. Heavy investments in device connectivity and healthcare UX made MedM Platform the most connected, flexible and scalable solution for RPM Providers, Device Vendors, and System Integrators.

MedM DeviceKit SDK

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • 450+ medical devices supported
  • 14 measurement types
  • 50 medical device vendors
  • Fully documented with sample code
  • SLA-based maintenance plans available

RPM System

  • Real-time view & access to Patient Information
  • Trend graphs, Thresholds, Notifications, Reports, etc.
  • Cloud and Hosted editions
  • EMR / EHR integration APIs
  • HIPAA-compliant scalable medical data storage
  • White Label

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