‘Motiv Ring’ tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep in real-time

Motiv Ring effortlessly tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. Designed to be worn day and night, we capture the minutes that matter most, motivating you to keep living better.

As ring sizes aren’t adjustable, customers who decide to purchase the Motiv will first get a sizing kit sent to them in the mail (there are seven ring sizes available); customers will then tell Motiv which best fits their fingers.

The Ring transmits its data via Bluetooth to Motiv’s app, which will adjust the wearer’s goals based on daily activity. If, for example, you consistently beat your target steps, the app will automatically increase your goal. This feature can also be found in Garmin’s wearables, and is a good one for keeping you in shape.

Motiv Ring is probably the most inconspicuous fitness tracker yet. It slips on your finger and keeps tabs not just on your daily movement, but your heart rate too.

The Ring will last between 3-5 days on a charge, which is a day or two less than other fitness trackers in this price range, but still impressive given its size. It recharges via a small magnetic USB dongle.

I’ll be testing the Motiv Ring out shortly to see how it performs, but I am intrigued at how the company was able to pack all that technology into something so small.


Improve your health

We focus on celebrating the active minutes in your day that help you maintain and even improve your healthy lifestyle.

Stay motivated

Every day is different. Miss a workout? No problem. Motiv automatically adjusts your daily targets based on your week so far – keeping you motivated to achieve your weekly goals.

Easily monitor sleep

When your tracker is this comfortable, monitoring sleep is effortless. Motiv stays on all night so you get a complete view of your resting heart rate and sleep.

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