‘Pal-V One’ is a three-wheeled motorcyle that transforms into a gyrocopter


PAL-V International B.V. is a Dutch company and has developed three-wheeled motorcyle that transforms into a gyrocopter, the PAL-V ONE (Personal Air and Land Vehicle ONE).

The PAL-V ONE in flight is an autogyro or gyrocopter, with a foldable pusher propeller providing forward thrust and a free-spinning rotor providing lift. Directional stability is provided by twin boom-mounted tailfins.

It has a tricycle undercarriage with relatively large wheels.

On the ground, the propeller and rotor are stopped and power is diverted to the wheels, allowing it to travel as a three-wheeled car. Unusually, it leans into turns like a motorcycle, a solution pioneered by the Carver vehicle, also produced by a Dutch company.[2][3][4]

PAL-V ONE on the road

The PAL-V One has two seats and a 160 kW flight certified gasoline engine, giving it a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph) on land and in air, and a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 910 kg.

PAL-V Liberty is a groundbreaking product that inaugurates the age of the flying car. The PAL-V Liberty is a marriage between safety and fun, designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Thanks to a number of patented technologies, the dimensions of the PAL-V Liberty do not exceed those of a regular car. It therefore blends perfectly with everyday road traffic, yet offers a new level of mobility.

The PAL-V Liberty has tilting two person cockpit for leaning into the curves of the road
Among many unique features, the PAL-V Liberty has two distinct attributes that set it apart from all other concepts. The first is that lift is created by a wind-powered rotor, making the PAL-V Liberty float in the air. Taking this gyroplane principle to the next level is the secret behind the safest and easiest flying vehicle on the market.

Another attribute of the PAL-V Liberty that adds to its uniqueness is the three-wheel design and the soft tilting motion in curves.
As a result, the PAL-V Liberty is a joy to drive and to fly, with a matchless drive and flight experience, as well as unequaled freedom of mobility.



Stranded at the airstrip due to bad weather? Not with the PAL-V Liberty. Outsmart the weather and drive to where visibility is fine and take off again. The PAL-V Liberty is the only aviation vehicle that seamlessly allows you to continue your journey. You’ll be on time for your meeting or safely home without delay

PAL-V Liberty is without doubt the most exceptional vehicle on the market. It offers the best of both worlds – FlyDriving. Switch between drive and fly mode for the best option to reach your destination or to enjoy the journey. No need to leave your PAL-V Liberty parked at an airstrip. No need to return to pick it up again.


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