New moulds can sculpt vegetables and fruits in different shapes

Tony Dighera in California has come up with a technology to develop molds that can sculpts edible fruits and vegetables to look like just about anything you want.

Fruits can be grown to form various shapes like Frankstein’s Face or Buddha or into any other idea that appeals to the customers. Plastic molds with the required shapes are placed over immature fruits till they ripen.

The art of modifying, arranging, or decorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal is known as “plating.” This usually involves stacking food in various displays. Now, sculptured fruits and vegetables can be added to culinary art.

Originally started in Japan, growing shaped fruits and vegetables was done to conserve refrigerator space or make packaging easier. The square watermelon is one example.

Tony sells his sculptured watermelons and pumpkins wholesale for $100 apiece and the demand is greater than he can supply.

He receives orders from all over the world and most of his produce are sold before they have even finished growing. He has just received a request from a very large vodka company for watermelons in the shape of a vodka bottle.

He has lots of plans for the future for new products, such as growing logos and other shapes as per individual requirements.


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