Mozi mosquito vacuum

Mozi is a unique, scientifically-developed TriCatch™ insect vacuum technology is designed to keep you and your family safe by trapping & killing mosquitos, fruit flies & gnats.

Mozi does this without the use of chemicals, smoke or electrical “zapping”, instead it uses an LED ultraviolet light to attract flies and then suck them into its catchment basket with a powerful silent-running vacuum.

Mozi uses a unique 3-in-1 catchment system to attract & trap nuisance insects like mosquitos, gnats and fruit flies.

Unlike common mosquito sprays and smoke coils, Mozi is non-toxic and chemical free, making it a safe alternative for any home, especially those with young children.

Furthermore, Mozi’s compact size and convenient USB power cable makes it useful for those on-the-go.

Mozi’s compact size and powerful vacuum mean the device is effective no matter where it is placed.

Mozi can sit unnoticed in the corner of a room, on your bedside table, alongside you at your desk or tucked-away on a shelf.

Silent “Stealth Mode” Operation for All-Night Protection

Mozi’s powerful, silent-running cyclone vacuum protects you and your children all night long without disturbing sleep.

Mozi does not “zap” insects and produce unpleasant odours. Instead, insects are lured into a catchment basket via the ultraviolet lamp and vacuum’s “gravitational pull”.