Xampla – Natural alternative to single use plastic

Xampla has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use.

Next generation material performs like synthetic polymers, but decomposes naturally and fully, without harming the environment.

Most natural alternatives to plastic require chemical additions and are based on plant polysaccharides.  Xampla engineers the next generation of bio-based material, made entirely from plant protein, enabling companies to produce end-products that meet changing consumer and regulatory requirements.  

Their science is Supramolecular Engineered Protein (SEP), developed over fifteen years at the University of Cambridge.


Xampla’s launch products are microcapsules, a hidden plastic application in many homecare and personal care products.

Their high performance microcapsules offer solutions to partners in multiple industries.  Entirely natural, made only from plant protein, microcapsules can be formulated by our team for a range of cargos and applications.  We can even formulate them with food grade ingredients, for food and beverage applications. 

Their mission is to replace the everyday single-use plastics you see all around, like bags, sachets and flexible packaging films. And the less obvious, such as microplastics within liquids and lotions.

Microplastics are commonly added to fabric softeners, shampoos and cosmetics, agricultural and industrial products.

Many end up end up in the ocean, where they are ingested by marine life, blocking digestion, affecting nutrition and working their way up the food chain, potentially to humans. Every year, Europe alone releases a bulk amount of microplastics into the environment equivalent to 10bn plastic bottles.