‘NexKey’ – Smart Phone Door Keys

Nexkey allows you to manage access office, home doors instantly with your smartphone. Grant and revoke access and remotely unlock doors.

Nexkey Solo

The world’s first smart door strike – a touchless, mobile access control platform that lives right in your door frame.

Hidden in your door frame, Nexkey Solo preserves the visual ambiance of your space.

With Nexkey you can gain actionable insights from the activity in your space. Measure community growth and optimize business operations based on knowing where people go and when. Increase security with Nexkey’s real-time audit log. Get notified of any unusual activity outside of normal hours.

Wirelessly connects to the cloud

Solo is completely wireless and connects to the cloud through your phone. No other devices or wires required.


Same door, way smarter

The future of smart locks is not just a lock.  The Controller connects existing electric strikes and magnetic locks to the Nexkey platform, making it possible to unlock and secure any door via Bluetooth. 

Nexkey Hardware | Smarter, Secure Access Control System — Nexkey


One size fits all

Because the Nexkey Core can replace every mechanical lock cylinder, it works with office doors, meeting rooms, utility closets — even file cabinets. Better yet, it installs in minutes and the battery lasts for years.

Your phone is your key

No more fumbling for the right key. Unlock any door with the Nexkey App for your phone or Apple Watch.

Simplify operations

Manage access instantly on any device, and customize access for each user. Remotely unlock doors for guests.

Quick installation

Professionally installs in minutes to give you an extremely easy, fast, and affordable experience

One device per door

Ditch readers or panels wired throughout your building. Simply add one product to the door.