Neyk 9F Luxury Submarine

The Neyk 9F Luxury Submarine is the most manoeuvrable submarine in the world and it has an ultramodern teardrop-shaped design. Even the superstructure merges fluently into a teardrop shape and is as smooth and slender as possible. The Neyk 9F Luxury Submarine is modularly designed and available in either a 4, 6or 8 passenger configuration.

Neyk submarine, currently being built in the Netherlands, can reach depths of 1640 feet and boasts a lavish lounge area. The NEYK can stay actively in one place by the use of two extra vertical thrusters placed in the dome on top of te tower that can give up and downforce. It can do this completely computerised.

The bow section is not welded but bolted to the hull and can vary to order. For private use it standard is equipped with a large Acrylate dome for excellent view. This ocean-going diesel electric submarine with a submerged displacement of between 103 and 108 tonnes.

The cockpit gives the two pilots excellent all-round visibility both on surface and on the sea floor and is also equipped with two multifunctional colour displays for each pilot.


The Neyk control system incorporates the most modern forms of data processing and displays in its command centre.

 The heart of the system is a central, powerful computer, which processes data received from external sensors, navigation aids and the data bank, and displays them in a convenient, clear way on four (27in 700mm) high-resolution monitors. It is also possible for the operator to select simultaneously a number of images, such as the TV camera, the radar scan and the electronic sea chart.


The basis Neyk design can be modified leading to a wide range of variations including diverlockout

For lock out operations, the sub can be made up to 4000kg negative by using the regular ballast system and partly flooding the lockout trunk. The lockout chamber remains completely dry. Full power of up to 10 kW from the main hydraulic system otherwise used for propulsion is available for divers’ tools.


Power Generation and Propulsion

 Power is derived from one diesel generator: MTU Generator. Should a future customer prefer another type or make of diesel or generator, then this can be discussed.

However, the John Deere option must not be discarded too lightly. Not only is this manufacturer well-acquainted with warship power generation in general, but has done a lot of research on the influence of varying pressure at the intake and exhaust levels of diesel engines for snorkelling applications. This has led to the development of a special submarine turbocharger, consisting of a radial exhaust gas turbine and radial compressor.


0026 (5000x3529).jpg

The Neyk 6-function manipulator used primarily in ROV applications. This manipulator is designed to be reliable while operating in harsh environments. Components and assembly make this arm completely field serviceable.

The Neyk 7-function manipulator used primarily in ROV applications. This manipulator is designed to be reliable while operating in harsh environments. Components and assembly make this arm completely field serviceable.

 The Neyk Custom Built

From ordinance disposal (UXO) to salvage and recovery, ISE has designed 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 function master/slave and force reflecting manipulators.

The Neyk Imaging Sonar platform to create 2 new models that meet the stringent requirements for deepwater operations. The Deepwater Sonar deliver incredible imagery and accurate point-to-point measurement in a compact, economically priced 2D imaging sonar. Able to operate at depths of 4,000 m (13,123 ft.) the deepwater sonar enhance real-time navigation, obstacle avoidance, operations monitoring, inspections, and object detection even in low and zero visibility conditions. The compact size, light weight, and low power consumption of the new deepwater sonar make Submarine integration easy

 The Neyk  3D mechanical scanning sonar create high resolution imagery of underwater areas, structures, and objects. With the touch of a button, these new 3D mechanical scanning sonar create 3D point clouds of an underwater scene with minimal training required.  

0026 (5000x3529).jpg

The Neyk submarine has also beendeveloped with extra fuel tanks or extra battery compartment, underneath the submarine, which were tested in a high-speedtowing tank experiment and fitted with tufts ofyarn to develop a resistance as low aspossible.

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