‘Omate Rise’ Smart Watch With Amazon Alexa

Omate Rise is a very unique type of smartwatch that can play Android apps, you can install any of the hundred thousand Android apps from the Google Play Store but not all of them will work properly as they are firstly aimed to to work on Android smartphones and tablets.

The Omate Rise is part of a new generation of smartwatches called Smartwatch 3.0 as it can be used as both a Bluetooth companion or as a standalone device via WiFi or 3G.

You can use your Rise as a companion using the Olink app to push notifications from your smartphone. Olink Android is beta now and the Olink iOS will be released hopefully in the next few weeks once Apple releases it (under review now).

For the standalone part, you can use your Rise by connecting it to WiFi or to the telecom network by inserting a 3G nano SIM card into the tray located behind the back plate compartment.

Additionally Omate Rise comes with;

** Omate Heart Rate Monitor technology to monitor your heart rate.

** You can download some music and listen to it without having any phone around using the watch speakers or Bluetooth headset.

** Activity Tracker

** Most of the Android apps work smoothly on the Rise.

Omate is a hardware and software company that designs wearable tech and IoT products. Omate core teams include telecom engineers, software developers and mechanical designers.

Omate is a 500startups backed company operating in the heart of the “Hardware Silicon Valley” in the Hi-Tech Park of Shenzhen – China with support offices in Mountain View – CA and Hong Kong.


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