Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is having its annual meeting on June 25 – 29 2017

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is the primary international organization dedicated to using neuroimaging to discover the organization of the human brain.

OHBM is having its annual meeting on June 25 – 29 2017

Key few topic that will be covered include :

Network effects of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation on the prefrontal cortex
Structural Imaging Evaluation of Subcallosal Cingulate DBS for Treatment-Resistant Depression
Structural network architecture predicts the clinical outcome of DBS in Parkinson’s patients
Nucleus subthalamicus mapping through analyses of intraoperative spikes and beta oscillations.
Modulation of DBS on the brain signal variability in Parkinson’s disease
Probabilistic mapping in deep brain stimulation: Different strategies and their impact on analysis.
Brain shift in connectomic targeting for subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation
Tractography patterns of side effects of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s diseas Direct Cortical Stimulation Results in Slower
Reaction Times Compared to Peripheral Touch in Humans

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Event details :


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