OrionStar – Robotic Coffee Maker

OrionStar, a subsidiary of Chinese tech company Cheetah Mobile has launched a robot coffee maker. Humanoid robot barista that simulates master-level brewing techniques and guarantees a refined taste in every cup.

The robot, which can also prepare and serve tea, reportedly combines dual 6-axis robotic arms and 3,000 hours of AI learning.

Cheetah Mobile Inc is a Chinese mobile Internet company headquartered in Beijing. The creator of some of the most popular global mobile apps, it has more than 634 million monthly active users

The key technical and design features include an RGB depth camera, which provides real-time monitoring of the robotic arms as well as beverage status, and always-on light indicator that displays the robot’s working status. A self-adjusting mechanical clamp comes with grasping claw to move objects. Because spilling a hot cup of coffee is only one hazardous risk, the robot also has a host of safety features, including an emergency shut-off, anti-collision detection and electronic safety borders, prevent operational hazard.

Robot provides contactless service and can help streamline process in high traffic areas by standardizing the ordering experience, reduce wait times, and minimize variability from drink to drink.