Pakistan’s Touchscreen ‘Smart-Mirror’ that can email, be an admin assistant, home automation, dashboard…

Smart Mirror presents an ingenious, unique and functional mirror which enhances lifestyle to automate daily tasks, make day-to-day life operationally simple and is intuitive to enhance user experience.

UZAIR HUSSAIN and SALIHA ASLAM two young engineers have come together to develop this ‘smart mirror’.

Smart Mirror is a customized mirror with smart features. It works as your personalized dashboard for a variety of features. Moreover, it acts as your listening as well as speaking assistant and task manager. It answers your queries and directs you to manage your day-to-day tasks efficiently.

As Smart Mirror is your personalized dashboard. It has many cool widgets to allow you to send and receive emails, get alerts, customized dashboard, home automation…

Voice Recognition – It uses Google assistant and can also act as an admin assistant.

Capture Photos & Record Videos – Smart Mirror can click photosrecord videos and its camera can also be used for surveillance.

Smart Mirror – Other Key Features –

Smart Mirror is a lighted mirror to eliminate shadows and distortions, it helps create the best environment for multiple use cases and applications.

LED Surrounded Light for brightness


Surround Sound Quality Audio

Bluetooth enabled

Hands-free Calling

Aluminium back

Easy Mount Anywhere design

Power connected for Permanent Plug-in